Everybody knows reddit and it is one of the most popular places where you will be able to discover what is happening all over the internet. This website is very fast and the updates on this website are also very quick. The overall performance of this website does put up to their tagline which says they are the front page of internet. It doesn’t matter what kind of information you are looking for, either it is from the sector of the technology, information in internet, about new inventions or maybe you want to go for politics, you are going to get almost everything over here. This is what makes this website so much popular among the audience. The good thing here is you would be anonymous while you try to have a good discussion on various different topics. This is a website which does offer a platform which is completely open to every person who wants to have a discussion about anything.

Once you get addicted to this website, it becomes very difficult to leave it. The amount of content on this website is like an ocean where you can spend hours without getting board.

If we look at the recent times, many people who were using it are leaving due to many reasons. All of the users that are leaving this website are trying to look for an alternative where they can do similar type of discussion for their own benefit.

So here we are with a list of 13 sites like reddit for you –

1. Quora

It is a very interesting and good place to have a healthy discussion. Quora is on such website which allows its users to post questions on their website and all the other users on their website can read that question and reply to them by giving those answers.

This website does work on a simple and good concept overall.

2. Voat

It’s been almost a year when this website was launched. This website is also very popular if you are looking for a good alternative for reddit. The user interface of this website is almost similar to the reddit. Here you will find almost everything same excluding one thing that is, wherever you will find R in reddit, you will find V in Voat. Let me explain it to you, just like reddit uses subreddits, Voat uses subverbs and everything works similarly.

3. Hacker News –

This website is very simple to use and have a very straightforward motive. You are not going to find any type of signs which are flashy; there are no bars on sides here and also you not even find widgets here. What you get here is just news from all over the world which is only related to the technology and that’s it.

4. 4Chan

This website is very popular among the people around the world. On this website you will be able to post an image as it provides imageboards to their users and you will be able to easily post on them. You would also be able to comment on the images that other people are sharing also. You can share any type of image on this website and the good part is, you don’t even need to create an account on their website to do the same.

5. StumbleUpon

This is one of the oldest website that is present in this field and you will be able to easily discover the best and the latest kind of stuff that is present all over the internet. Here on this website you will be able to stumble upon the content which you find good that is posted by other users on the internet.

There are some rumors that the creators are shutting down stumble upon and creating a new website names as Mix.com. Launch of mix is actually true but I cannot confirm the shutdown of stumbleupon for sure.

6. Mix.com

This is a new site that is created by the creators of the StumbleUpon as I did tell you earlier. The new website here on the internet is there to help you in creating the content which you like and is present on the internet. Here on this website, you can create all the content for your own just by adding the own interests of your own in form of videos, articles, images or maybe anything that you might want to add. Also you can share that content with all the other people. You will also be able to

Look at all the collections that were created by all the other people and the thing that does interest you.

7. Newsvine

If you want to get the news which is latest and earliest form all over the world at one place only then the website newsvine would be perfect for you. This website is one of the best sources where you will be able to get the latest and the best news and stories which the users on this website submit.

8. 9Gag

This place is not very close to the website reddit but this is one such place where you will be able to find one of the most funny and comic content on the internet. Here many different users post memes and also very funny images which will surely make you laugh. This has become a very big and wonderful community of different kind of people and they have recently started to post some content which is actually helpful too.

9. Shashdot

This website is entirely made for the geeks and if you are a person who just love news related to technology then you should surely check this one out.

10. Buzzfeed

This website does not need an introduction and if you want to kill some of the time of yours then you should surely go to this website.

Here you can almost find articles related to anything.

11. Digg

Scanned Edit Other Fake G Center I Shah Of You That Id Driver Info Documents Make Type Images Cards And Want Will License Or This website works on a simple concept and you will be able to get the best form all around the world on one single page. This page includes the articles which are voted the most for you to check out.

12. Popurls

This is a website which is quite similar to Digg. Here you will be able to keep up with the events which are going on currently.

To make you understand easily, it is just a newspaper but with the news which is current and not outdated.

13. Mashable

It is one of those sites which are visited the most. If you are a huge fan of the website reddit, then you should surely check this one out.

There is a huge amount of content which is posted here daily related to everything. You would be able to find almost anything that you would like to see.


So this was our list of top reddit alternative. Reddit is a very good and useful website and if you get bored of it then for sure you can check these out.

We hope this article was helpful to you and if you have any thoughts and suggestions then you are welcome to mention them in the comments down below.